The gateway to
eHealth, the web,
and digital comfort

State of the art technology for Generation X+.

The Plug & Care closes the gap in the medical treatment of seniors, helping them reach autonomy over their health data, and connecting them to family and medical specialists.

Health Management

Connect the health devices you own into the eHome Clinic platform. Quality of life achieved by digital health and medical professionals, hand in hand.

Voice UI

Jump to the intended action directly and skip the steps in between. Because in health it is time and efficiency that matters.

Telemedical services

Experience professional medical support from the comfort of your home. Understand your self-generated health data collected with the eHome Clinic.

Wireless speaker

High-quality stereo sound for conversation, music, and radio. Bring it and enjoy entertaining outdoor activities with family and friends.

Medication reminder

Easily follow your doctors advise and improve your health outcome by smart medication management.

WiFi router

Plug & Surf. Create your WiFi Environment anywhere and get connected to the world. Catch up with family, friends and your community.

Seamlessly integrated
into your lifestyle

Open system dedicated
to enhance your

Intuitive design paired
with voice control

Available in four different styles

Cloud White


Starling Silver

Sand Gold

Tailored to
your needs


All you need
at home