ANT, the TeleCare Station
Designed for Healthy

Take back control over health with ANT,
the TeleCare station for home to care together

Add this point of care to the environment without letting your home look like hospital.

Health Management

Quality of life achieved by family, digital health and medical professionals, hand in hand.

Voice Triggerd Intervention

Time and efficiency matter for life and especially in emergency, the rest of time enjoy your mind in peace.

TeleCare Services

Experience professional medical support from the comfort of your home. Understand your self-generated health data.

Lifestyle Hub

High-quality stereo sound for conversation, music, and radio. Lifestyle has more impact on health than our genes.

Medication Reminder

Easily follow your doctors advise and improve your health outcome by smart medication management.

Internet Connected

Plug & Surf. Create your WiFi Environment anywhere and get connected. Pick a trusted health crew for professional support. Catch up with family, friends and your community.

Seamlessly integrated
into your lifestyle

Open system dedicated
to enhance your

Intuitive design paired
with voice control

ANT Caregiver


ANT TeleCare