A health care network for family, friends & professionals.

Where family and careproviders get together for a purpose.

The ANT Caregiver App expands support on more caregivers in a connected, comprehending and motivated team.

Care Group

The Dashboard shows you the Care-projects you are participating.

Usually it will be represented by the TeleCare Station and its´user. The main features of checking, managing, acting and communicating are right in front of you. Understand quick, interact reasonable, consult together.


The HealthBook provides deeper insight into the health status of the station user.

Here the vital values are collected and presented in a comprehensive graphic way, as well. Health reports offer summeries of the achievements and trends over time. Visualize all data collected ambient or by health peripherals to your TeleCare Station. Allow evidence based advises and smart clinical decisions by the Caregiver Group and medical specialists for a more secure patient journey.

Peace of Mind

Real-time following measurements perfomed by the user of the ANT TeleCare Station.

Get notified when trends go unintended or alerted in emergencies. Even access to home through the monitoring cam when granted and clearify the local situation by Intercom. For each vital diagnostics included in the personalised selection, get an insight into the details of interest, as well.

Care Community

Where family and careproviders get together for a purpose.

Experience support by family and community. Proving care can be a burdon, if done alone. On the App the ones who care have a platform to motivate, engage, exchage and contribute. A social health network by family, friends and medical professionals better ensures continious care with better outcome.

Therapy Compliance

Have a clear overview of the Treatment Plan.

Follow the virtual pillbox that manages the daily Medication intake. Check the treatment adherence and support Compliance with personalized reminders, education and by posting Memo´s to the Station user. HealthBook anf Therapy Plan together are a powerful tool to prepare the valuable patient-doctor contact, where clinical decisions will be more data based and outcome driven.